Campaign presentation

The Right to food is the right to have access to sufficient quality food at an adequate amount, both at the individual or collective level, on a regular and permanent basis, as well as the means to produce it in accordance to each population cultural traditions that would guarantee people´s sound physical and psychical health. In accordance to the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), there were 1.020 million people suffering from hunger and approximately another 2.000 million suffer what is known as “hidden hunger” (malnutrition) which means extreme lack of micronutrients that severely hinders their growth capacity as well as their basic physiological functions.

The Spanish campaign “Right to food. Urgent”, sponsored by Ongawa and Prosalus, proposes:

  1. Efficiency in the right to food within a framework of sovereign food politics
  2. Respect, protection and guarantee of the right to food as a fundamental human right
  3. Revision of public policies and supply of sufficient resources to guarantee the efficiency of the right to food
  4. The policies or agreements subscribed by the international community should respect the right to food.